Anna Baksheeva is a Russian born Canadian violinist and violin teacher based in Ottawa, Canada. She has been studying and playing the violin since the age of 5. Classically trained in Russia with music degrees from the United States and Canada, Anna has been teaching and performing in Ottawa since 2010. Anna is both a solo performer and a part of larger musical ensembles including duets, trios and quartets, and regularly performs in chamber series, special events, weddings and for retirement communities. Anna is also available to teach violin in her home studio, at the OMS Montessori School and online.


  • 35 years of violin experience starting at age of 5
  • 10 years of special music school in Vladivostok, Russia
  • 4 years Rimsky-Korsakov Music College, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • BA degree in Violin Performance, University of Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • MA degree in Violin Performance, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Master Classes and private lessons (ongoing) with leading violinists in Ottawa

Performance Experience

  • Competitions and festivals in Russia, USA and Canada starting at the age of 5
  • Hundreds of concerts in National Capital Region as a solo violinist, and as part of a duo (guitar and piano), trio, quartet, and orchestra
  •  50 + concerts a year in the Ottawa/Gatineau region
  • Chamber music series, video performances
  • Weddings, special occasions and events since in North America since 2006
  • Retirement Communities in USA (Georgia) and Canada, Ottawa since 2006


Anna welcomes new beginner, intermediate and advanced students into her studio in Ottawa!

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Image by diema from Pixabay