Violin Curriculum

Our VIOLIN curriculum is based on up-to-date Royal Conservatory RCM standards enhanced with the best Russian and North American violin learning traditions and teaching techniques. We equip every student with real skills that allow to play and enjoy for a life time:

  • Pain and tension free proper holding, standing, freedom of arms movement
  • Beautiful tone production and great right hand technique
  • Proper left hand habits through scales and studies
  • Readying music
  • Vibrato
  • Memorization and playing with accompaniment and other instruments
  • Build classical music repertoire and explore popular, fiddle and Jazz
  • Make great violin videos 🙂
  • Participate in our concerts, community events
  • Prepare for RCM exams, festivals, recitals and competitions.

Books and Materials

We use great variety of materials for all level students to tailor the best learning experience for everyone.

Beginners Books

Anna Baksheeva’s own teaching materials

Technical Studies and Etudes:

Extra Curriculum Books for solo and play along learning:

Popular, Broadway, Gypsy Jazz, Linsey Sterling, Disney Favourites, Jazz standards, Fiddle of the World, etc.

Fiddle Curriculum

FIDDLE playing curriculum is based on building solid technique foundation for playing vast variety of fiddle music standards, blue grass and advanced fiddle tunes.
Every fiddle student of our academy can expect to develop one or few big binders of scales, exercises, technical studies and tunes as well as to learn or brush up the following skills:

  • Proper stance, holding the fiddle, freedom of arms movement
  • Tension and pain free playing
  • Good tone production and solid right hand technique
  • Awesome left hand technique, intonation and fast light fingers
  • Tons of scales, exercises and studies
  • Double stopes and chords technique
  • Embellishments technique
  • Keeping up the tempo in fiddle tunes and playing with other people, guitar , ukulele and digital accompaniments
  • Explore Fiddle and Blue Grass repertoire
  • Make fiddle cool videos
  • Participate in our concerts and show case events
  • Prepare for competitions
  • Learn basic improvisation skills

Books and Materials