Great soulful Violinist & Superb Teacher I’ve been a student of Anna’s for three years now, and I feel absolutely blessed that I’ve found her and she had space to take me on as a student. While being a great violinist, which I had the pleasure to witness in numerous of her performances, what sets her well ahead of the pack, is the fact that she has a sincere interest in the well-being and progress of her students. This is such an important point, that became so clear to me in contrast to other experiences I had before I started with Anna.

Manuel Z. (adult student)

I have known Anna for 2 years as a confident soloist and performer. During this time Anna has been proactive in self-promotion as a performer and a teacher. It was truly inspiring for the students to hear her play with ease and to clearly outline the positives and negatives of pursuing a career as a freelance musician. Her knowledge, skills and confidence on the instrument has led to her many successes so far. Anna’s passion for music and the importance of the arts in our lives validated the feelings of many of our students who were present that day.

Janice Mah ( Strings teacher at Canterbury High School)

Anna has been working on a new pedagogical workbook for the violin teaching. She has also been part of the Montessori school system and has been a regular guest in schools of the mainstream school boards. She seems to possess an endless reserve of energy that allows her to practice, organize all these ideas, teach and take care of her children.

Frederick Lacroix (Piano professor, University of Ottawa)

Thanks to Anna and her deep understanding of the instrument and pedagogy, my daughter discovered and developed a dormant gift in music. This gift has flourished into a surprising level of playing and comprehension in music that allowed my daughter to participate in RCM music exams and violin rentals, talent shows at school. We live in Orleans and our long trip to Centre point for Anna’s lessons area is worth taking because my daughter enjoys and greatly benefits from these lessons.

Chantal (parent)

Since the beginning of taking lessons with Anna, my daughter has developed skills, confidence and passion for violin, I have noticed an increase with her ability to focus at school to the point of being as much attentive if not more than the average students. Her motor skills in many areas at school, has also improved. She now can fit better with her peers. Anna makes it interesting and possible for my daughter to dream and achieve her goals with violin.

Chantal (parent)

My daughter has been a student of Anna Baksheeva since 2015. She has mild form of autism and Anna managed to reach to her level of understanding and her needs. She has developed method of teaching her proper violin technique regardless of her limitation. She saw potential in my daughter and just kept going.




Chantal (parent)

Anna provides a warm and constructive environment for learning violin. At the core of Anna’s approach is a personal and professional love of music. She seeks to nurture and cultivate a child’s natural curiousity and musicality, all the while providing a solid foundation for mastery of the instrument. I heartedly recommend Anna as a teacher if you desire to give your child the gift of love of music!

Larissa (parent)