Beginner Group Class at Southminster


September 17 -December 10

Thursdays 5:15 – 6:00 pm in English (13 classes)

Drop-in  price: 20$ 




This class is suitable for all Beginner level violin and fiddle students age 7 and older who can not yet read music.  Beginners will learn basics: holding the bow and violin, posture, proper arm movement, understanding of the fingerboard in first position, right hand technique and beautiful tone production.  Learning to read music will be the key goal of this class.

Brand new beginners and students under grade 3 Royal Conservatory and Book 3 Suzuki students as well as first year fiddle players are welcome.

Only violin and fiddle students can join this class. Cello and viola players are welcome to register for Intermediate and advanced group classes at 6:15 pm on Thursdays.

Techniques: Violin / fiddle basics, scales D, A, G, a, d, sluring, strings crossing, basic rhythms.

Program: Classical, Folk, Fiddle tunes, easy Popular, Broadway movie music accompanied by backing tracks, live piano, ukulele or guitar.